Monday, June 17, 2013

Looks Familiar!

I started this blog hoping to fill it with ideas I've used in my classroom, and I'll admit I've done a terrible job keeping it up to date. I hope I can get better about it, but of course we'll see.

Just like many teachers, I'm spending part of my summer already planning for next year. I was recently looking online for a good game to play to review instrument families, possibly with the whole class. Using the same idea as the game "Spoons" that I used to play in middle school, I came up with this game which I call "Looks Familiar!" I went online searching for instrument pictures to use as cards, and came across these coloring pages from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra:,3 They're great because they have 4 instruments from each of the 4 families, which works perfectly for this game. I plan on just printing them at a smaller size to make cards.

Looks Familiar!
Be the first player to hold a set of four different cards from the same instrument family (example: trumpet, trombone, french horn and tuba).

For each player, you need a set of four cards from the same instrument family

Playing the Game
1. Everyone sits in a circle
2. Deal 4 cards to each player
3. Every person takes one of the cards they were dealt and passes it to the player on their right
4. Each player then receives a card from the player on their left
5. Each player may not have more than 4 cards in their hand at a time.
6. Players try to collect an entire instrument family (may not have any repeated instruments)
7. When a player collects all 4 instruments of any family, (s)he shouts out "Looks Familiar!", the teacher checks their cards and if the family is correct, they are the winner!

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